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The Foley Institute Fall 2000

Fall 2000

September 12

Richard B. Sanders, Justice Washington State Supreme Court, “Justice and the Court in the Next Century”.

September 25

Ambassador Gregory Lee Johnson, US Ambassador to Swaziland and WSU Alum, “Resolving Conflict in Southern Africa”.

October 30

Demetrios A. Theophylactou, Press Counselor, Cyprus Mission to the United Nations and WSU Alum, “Developing a Common Foreign and Security Policy in the European Union”.

November 1-December 29

Exhibit, “Presidential Politics 1824-1992: The Frank and Marty Mullen Political Memorabilia Collection”.

November 3

Lance T. LeLoup, WSU Professor of Political Science and Foley Institute Director, Exhibit Opening Program, “Changing Presidential Campaigns”.

November 15

Panel Discussion, “The 2000 Elections: Analysis and Prospects”. Panelists include: Lance T. LeLoup, Cornell W. Clayton, Edward Weber, David Nice, WSU Political Science Department.

November 20

Invited Forum: “Dilemmas in Initiative and Referendum Campiagns”. Co-sponsored with James Thurber, Director for the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies, The American University and PEW Foundation. Vancouver, WA.