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The Foley Institute Fall 2002

Fall 2002

September 10

Pi Sigma Alpha Reception. Kick-off dinner.

September 19

Gender Studies/ Policy Research Colloquium (GRACe). Kick-Off luncheon. Sandy Cooper, Judy Meuth, Amy Mazur & Amy Mooney present “Approaching Gender Research: A View from Across the Disciplines.”

September 19

Campus Forum. Robert Staab, History; Tom Preston, Political Science; T.V. Reed, American Studies; Julie Andsager, Communication presents “A Year After 9-11 – Our Nation and Society Now” Moderator: John Kicza.

September 23

Policy Panel. The Honorable Gerry L. Alexander, Chief Justice; the Honorable Charles W. Johnson, Justice; the Honorable Barbara Madsen, Justice; the Honorable Richard B. Sanders, Justice presents “Protecting Rights in the State of Washington: Developing an Independent State of Constitutional Jurisprudence?” Moderator: Cornell Clayton, Professor, Political Science, WSU.

September 24

Chief Justice luncheon. Washington State Supreme Court Justices. Presentation to Pat Sheldon to honor Chuck Sheldon.

September 26

Seminar Presentation. Barry Rabe, Professor and Interim Dean of the School of Natural Resources, University of Michigan, presents “From Greenhouse to Statehouse: Global Climate Change Policy and Federalism in the U.S. and Canada.”

October 3

Public Lecture. Terry Anderson, Political Economic Research Center presents “Markets and the Environment: Friends or Foe

October 3

Seminar Presentation. Terry Anderson of PERC teaches PS543, The Politics and Policy of the Environment. “Free Market Environmentalism.

October 10

Public Lecture. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Associate Professor at Texas A & M presents “The Strange Enigma of Racism in Contemporary America.”

October 23

Gender Studies/ Policy Research Colloquium. John Turpin, Interior Design; Jeannette Mageo, Anthropology and Stacia Moffett, SBS present “Approaching Gender Research: A View from Across the Disciplines.

October 26

Public Forum. “Meet the Candidates.” reception with U.S. Representative Brian Baird (Dem) and his Republican party challenger, Washington State Senator Joe Zarrelli.

November 5

Public Lecture. Jürgen Hampel, Senior Researcher at the Center for Technology Assessment (Baden-Württemburg) and Lecturer at the University of Stuttgart, presents “Risk, Benefits and Moral Objections: Europe’s Rejection of Agricultural Biotechnology.”

November 7

Public Lecture. Rogers Smith, University of Pennsylvania and this year’s Phi Beta Kappa visiting scholar presents “Political Allegiances in the 21st Century.”

November 8

Brown Bag Discussion. Rogers Smith, University of Pennsylvania, and this year’s Phi Beta Kappa visiting scholar presents “The Quest for a Science of Politics.”

November 14

Foreign and Defense Policy Brown Bag. Dr. Thomas Preston (WSU) and Col. Chet Herbst (USAF Ret.) presents “U.S. Military Policy on Iraq: What Does the Future Hold and How Can Our Security Interests Be Accomplished?”

November 14

Public Lecture. David Pellow, Professor of Sociology at the University of Colorado presents “Environmental Inequalities in Silicon Valley: Immigrant Labor, Toxic Work.”

November 15

Foley Scholarship and Fellowship Applications due at 4:00 P.M. at the Foley Institute offices, Johnson Tower 401.

November 19

Policy Forum. “Government and Politics in Washington State.” A day long event in which scholars and political observers from across the state present 3 panel discussions covering Washington politics in depth. The panels will cover a variety of topics, including the Governor’s office, the role of the courts, the legislature, the budget crisis, environmental policy, the ballot initiative process, and more.

Introduction & Overview. Change and Continuity in Washington Politics. Cornell Clayton (WSU) and Lance Leloup (WSU)

Panel #1. Public Opinion and Political Participation in Washington.
Chair and Discussant: Nick Lovrich
Nicholas Lovrich (WSU) and John Pierce, “Public Opinion and Political Culture
Andrew Appleton and Ashley Grosse(WSU), “Washington’s Political Parties
Bob Herold (Gonzaga University) and Rep. Jeff Gombosky (Eastern Washington University), “Interest Groups and Lobbying
Carolyn Long (WSU-Vancouver), “Direct Democracy in Washington

Panel #2. Law, Courts, and the Administrative State in Washington
Chair and Discussant: Robert Utter
Cornell Clayton and Steven Meyer (WSU), “The Washington Constitution and State Constitutional Law
David May (EWU), “Washington Courts and the Judiciary
Steven Stehr and Steven Ellwanger (WSU), “The Administrative State and Local Governments

Panel #3. The Executive, the Legislature, and Public Policy
Chair and Discussant: Dave Ammons
David Nice (WSU), “The Governor and State Executive
Todd Donovan (WWU), “The Washington Legislature
Lance Leloup and Christina Herzog (WSU), “The Budget
Edward Weber and Tetyana Lysak (WSU), “Natural Resources and the Environment

December 5

Gender Studies/ Policy Research Colloquium. Heather Streets, Asia Program; Julie Kmec, Sociology and Tracy Skaer, Pharmacy present “Approaching Gender Research: A View from Across the Disciplines.”

December 12

Foreign and Defense Policy Brown Bag. Col. Chet Herbst (ret) and Dr. Thomas Preston (WSU) presents “The Threat Posed By Bio-Terrorism to U.S. Security.”