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The Foley Institute Graduate Fellowships


Foley Graduate Student Fellows, 2014

Grad Student Fellows 2014

Pictured left to right: Lucas McMillan, Melanie Thornton, Hong Zhang, Christopher Gambino, and
Michael Lengefeld.

Foley Institute fellowships are awarded to students who conduct research into just and sustainable societies, seek to enhance their public policy research skills, or pursue research focusing on major public policy issues, or political institutions and democracy. Congratulations to all of the students!

Scott & Betty Lukins Graduate Fellowships were awarded to:

Lucas McMillan (Political Science) and Melanie Thornton (School of the Environment)

Alice O. Rice Graduate Fellowships were awarded to:

Greg Atkins (History) and Michael Lengefeld (Sociology)

Burlington Northern Fellowships were awarded to:

Christopher Gambino (Animal Sciences) and Hong Zhang (Sociology).