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The Foley Institute for Public Policy and Public Service

The Cascadia Award

Pacific Northwest Political Science Association

The Executive Board of the Pacific Northwest Political Science Association would like to recognize the outstanding scholarship of participants of the PNWPSA conference by offering two awards, one to a faculty member and one to a student. Recipients of the Cascadia Award will receive recognition at the conference’s general meeting and have conference fees paid for the following year.

In order the submit a paper for consideration, please note the following criteria:

  • Award will go to the first author of the nominated paper (co-authors can accept on lead authors behalf, but the award would only go to a lead/first author);
  • The paper must be, at minimum, in full first-draft form; and
  • The paper must be presented at the PNWPSA annual conference for consideration

If you have a faculty or student that you would like to nominate, please send the paper and a short description of why you think the paper merits consideration, to both Season Hoard at and Erika Allen Wolters at

Congratulations to our first winner of the Cascadia Award: Anil “Andy” Hira, pictured below receiving the award in Portland, for his paper entitled “Improving mining community benefit agreements through better monitoring and evaluation”, delivered at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Seattle.