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The Foley Institute Spring 1997

Spring 1997

February 18

Allan Bromley, President George Bush’s Science Advisor, Dean, College of Engineering, Yale University, “Science, Technology and Politics”.

February 4

Alejandro Reyes, Senior Correspondent, AsiaWeek Magazine, “The Asian Values Debate”.

February 21

Thomas E. Mann, Director of Governmental Studies, The Brookings Institution, “Campaign Finance Reform and the New Congress”.

April 18

Forum:  “INDUSTRIAL ECOLOGY: CAN BUSINESS AFFORD IT?”   Moderated byEugene Rosa, Meyer Distinguished Professor and Chair of Sociology at WSU; Panelists include:  Marian Chertow, Director of the Next Generation Project, Yale School of Environment Law; Chuck Clarke, Western Regional Director of the U.S. Environment Protection Agency; Rob Greenwood, Vice President, Ross and Associates, an environmental consulting firm from Seattle: Terry McManus, Director of Corporate Environmental Affairs, Intel Corporation.

April 21

James May, Executive Vice President, Government Relations, National Association of Broadcasters, Second Annual Media and Society Lecture, “The First Amendment and the Digital Age”.

April 24

1997 MURROW SYMPOSIUM, Sam Donaldson, ABC News. Co-Sponsored with the Murrow School of Communications, WSU.

May 6

Albert D. Rosellini, former Governor of Washington, Reception, Comments and Book Signing in Honor of Albert D. Rosellini, author of: Rosellini: Immigrants’ Son and Progressive Governor.