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Public Policy Research

The 2016 Pacific Northwest Political Science Association meeting will be held in Portland, OR.

Internships and Public Service

interns at the foley institute with Coach Leach

Interested in an internship? Find out about placements in the state legislature in Olympia, in Washington D.C. and in many other settings!

News and Public Events

pre-law day

Coffee & Politics: Discussion and refreshments with an amazing array of experts. Open to all!
SEPP: Join our panel of experts confronting ethical questions around using fetal tissue for scientific research.

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“In a cynical age, I still believe that we must summon people to a vision of public service. For, in the end, this ethic determines more than anything else whether we will have citizens and leaders of honor, judgment, wisdom, and heart. These are the qualities this institute will nurture and advance, helping this nation become what it has always been destined to be, the best hope of a free people to live in an open and just society.”

—The Honorable Thomas S. Foley

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The Thomas S. Foley Institute for Public Policy and Public Service

We are a non-partisan public policy institute, focused on bringing world class speakers to our public events; supporting student internships in public service; and supporting scholarly research on public policy and political institutions. We invite you to join us. Please stop by the Foley Institute on the 3rd floor of Bryan Hall, WSU Pullman.