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The Foley Institute for Public Policy and Public Service

Election Integrity Initiative


The Foley Institute is joining more than three dozen nonpartisan political institutes nationwide in helping promote election integrity and civic understanding as the United States prepares for the 2024 election cycle.

“The deeply concerning rise in threats of violence and harassment directed at election administrators and volunteer poll workers requires institutes like ours to consider what we can do to enhance civics education and fight rampant disinformation about our electoral processes,” Cornell Clayton, director of the institute, said.

Much of the distrust in the United States’ elections process is rooted in the complexity of the system. Its highly decentralized nature means each state and municipality can have their own rules and ballots. But it’s that configuration that leads the U.S. to have a system that’s among the democratic world’s most accurate and resilient to threats of tampering. Our complex system can create confusion, but it is also one of its strengths.

This initiative seeks to be a resource for fighting misinformation, bolstering trust in our electoral processes, and providing civic education.  It aims to educate the public about the nuts and bolts of how local elections are run, who is responsible for what, and how ballot integrity is protected, so that election processes are better understood and trusted.  The initiative also seeks to continue the institute’s efforts to be at the forefront of conversations around civility and combating political polarization.

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