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Upcoming events – Spring 2020

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Tuesday, March 3 | 12:00 PM | Foley Speakers Room

Pizza & Politics | The Supreme Court and DACA

Last year, the Supreme Court heard arguments on the case challenging the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). The Court is now poised to rule on the case this year.

Luis Cortes Romero, a graduate of the University of Idaho School of Law who is also a DACA recipient, was co-counsel at the Supreme Court. He will discuss the case, and the implications of the Court’s possible decisions.
Cosponsored with the WSU Common Reading Program, the Pullman League of Women Voters, and the University of Idaho


Tuesday, March 10 | 4:30 PM | CUB Jr. Ballroom

Foley Distinguished Lecture | Middle East Meltdown

Are the Trump administration’s current Middle East policies likely to lead to war? What has brought us to this point, and what are the prospects for peace going forward?

Ryan Crocker has been U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Kuwait, and Lebanon, and is a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


Wednesday, April 1 | 12:00 PM | Foley Speakers Room

Pizza & Politics | The Prosperity Tax: An alternative for the 21st century

Does our current individual income tax system hold back economic growth and make it easy for some to cheat the system? David Cay Johnston will discuss how his proposal for a prosperity tax that takes advantage of digital age financial records.

David Cay Johnston is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author. He is currently working on finishing his newest book, due out in 2021.



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