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Upcoming events – fall 2019

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Tuesday, September 24 | 12:00 PM | Foley Speakers Room

Addiction in the Northwest: Addressing the drug crisis

Addiction is a major public health issue in the United States. Millions grapple with addiction, and the Northwest is no exception. How can we address the drug problem in the region? John Roll is professor and vice dean for research at WSU’s Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine in Spokane. Bob Lutz is the health officer for the Spokane Regional Health District.



Tuesday, September 24 | 4:00 PM | Foley Speakers Room

Trade & security in East Asia: A conversation with the Japanese Consul-General

Japan has been one of America’s closest allies, but recently both trade and security concerns have risen to the surface. What does the future hold for U.S. – Japan relations?

Yoichiro (Giro) Yamada is the Consul-General of Japan, and has been based in Seattle since April 2017.


Thursday, September 26 | 4:30 PM | Foley Speakers Room

The politics of addiction

In 2017, substance abuse disorders affected 19.7 million Americans. Social scientists are still attempting to determine whether genetic predisposition or environmental influences are more likely to influence addictive behavior, and the best array of policy responses to addiction.

Join Cape Town University senior lecturer of experimental economics Dr. Andre Hofmeyr, professor of economics at the University of Cape Town Harold Kinkaid, and Jonathan Kaplan, professor of philosophy at Oregon State University to discuss the root causes of addiction.



Tuesday, October 8 | 4:30 PM | CUE 203

Authoritarianism and democracy in America

In 2016, the presidential election of Donald Trump ignited a new wave of political polarization in the United States. With the pursuit for political hegemony and a growing aversion to bipartisan solutions, is democracy under threat in America?

Steven Levitsky is a professor of Government at Harvard University. He is the bestselling author of How Democracies Die, published in 2018, which examines the breakdown of democracy across the globe.




Monday, November 4 | 12:00 PM | Foley Speakers Room

Climate change: A moral imperative

The current generation is the first to truly understand the implications of climate change, and the last to be able to do something about it. It’s imperative to make change, and not to lose hope.

Dr. Robin Meyers is an NPR commentator, author, and senior minister of Mayflower Congregational UCC Church.  Distinguished Professor of Social Justice emeritus at Oklahoma City University.

Cosponsored with The Common Ministry at WSU





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