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The Foley Institute Public Events

Upcoming events – Fall 2020

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Follow the 2020 Election in this weekly online event series

All events start at 12 noon, Pacific time

 How did we get here?

Thu. 8/27:    Political polarization. Lilliana Mason (University of Maryland)

Wed. 9/2:     Populism, nationalism, & race. Joseph Lowndes (University of Oregon)

Wed. 9/9:     Conspiracy theories & social media. Joe Uscinski (University of Miami)

Thu. 9/17:    Mueller investigation & impeachment. Julia Azari (Marquette University)

Tue. 9/22:    Protests, race, and politics. Christopher Parker (University of Washington)

Thu. 9/24:    Politics in a pandemic. Marc Hetherington (University of North Carolina)

Election politics

Tue. 9/29:    Electoral College & electoral math. Matt Lebo (Western University)

Thu. 10/8:    Voting and election reform. Barry Burden (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Wed. 10/14: Predicting elections. Charles Franklin (Marquette University)

Wed. 10/21: Congressional campaigns. Costas Panagopoulos (Northeastern University)

Mon. 10/26: The Court, Judge Barrett, and the election. Amanda Hollis-Brusky (Pomona College)

Wed. 10/28: The media. Travis Ridout (WSU) & Kathleen Searles (LSU)

Election results

Tue. 11/10: Post-election analysis. Alan Abramowitz (Emory University), David Brady (Stanford University), and Keena Lipsitz (City University of New York)

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Event Co-Sponsorship

Each year, the Institute co-sponsors many events with a variety of different departments and organizations. If you would like assistance in sponsoring an event, please submit a co-sponsorship application form to the Institute.

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