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The Foley Institute Public Events

Upcoming events – fall 2019

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Thursday, November 14 | Noon | Foley Speakers Room

Pizza & Politics Series | Climate Change: Will politics kill us?

Despite dire warnings from climate scientists, Congress seems unwilling to act. What will it take for the United States government to take action?

Former Congressmen Bob Inglis (R) and Brian Baird (D) will discuss ways in which working across the aisle might lead to possible solutions.


Thursday, November 14 | 4:30 PM | Foley Speakers Room

Impeaching President Trump?

Only three presidents in American history have ever been subject to impeachment inquiries.  The House of Representatives has now begun formal proceedings against Donald Trump. How does the process work?  What are impeachable offenses?  And will President Trump be impeached and removed from office?

Join experts David Adler, president of the Alturas Institute, and Stuart Chinn, Associate Dean for Programs and Research and Associate Professor of Law at the University of Oregon.


Tuesday, November 19 | Noon | Foley Speakers Room

Pizza & Politics Series | Jihadist in Mali: The story of Amadou Koufa

Amadou Koufa is the most dangerous jihadist leader in Mali’s history. Can the Islamic war in Sahel be stopped?

Peter Chilson, professor of English and literature at Washington State University, reports on his continuing investigations in Mali.




Event Co-Sponsorship

Each year, the Institute co-sponsors many events with a variety of different departments and organizations. If you would like assistance in sponsoring an event, please submit a co-sponsorship application form to the Institute.

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