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The Foley Institute Fall 2016

Fall 2016

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Wednesday, December 14 | 12-1 p.m. | Foley Speaker’s Room


Delegation from Washington State’s 9th Legislative District, which includes WSU, visited the Foley Institute for their annual legislative preview. Senate Majority Leader Mark Schoesler and Representatives Mary Dye and Joe Schmick updated the audience about the upcoming legislative session in Olympia.

Senator Schoesler discussed the possible outcomes of the 2016 budget process and school funding debate. Representative Schmick also discussed revenue increases in the state and the necessary expenditures for forest fire control and the Western State hospital. Representative Dye explained her work surrounding forest development and fire prevention.

Tuesday, December 6 | 4 p.m. | Foley Speaker’s Room

The Great Mistake: the future of public higher education

newfieldUniversity of California, Santa Barbara professor of literature and American studies, Christopher Newfield visits the Foley Institute to discuss the failures of public higher education. The business-like structure has resulted in students bearing the brunt of costs even in their post-graduate years. Newfield sheds light on the root of the problem, the lasting effect of economic inequality, and potential solutions.

This event is co-sponsored with the Humanities Planning Group. Additional support courtesy of WSU College of Arts and Science, the College of Education, and Departments of English and History.


Constitutional politics in Washington State


Hugh Spitzer is professor of law at the University of Washington, and the foremost scholar on the state constitution. In recent years, the Washington State Supreme Court has issued several constitutional decisions that have shaped state politics. Among the decisions are striking down tax limitation initiatives and requiring the state legislature to spend more on public education. See flier here. 

NOV 17 | CO-SPONSORED EVENT with EWU & Humanities Washington

David Sohappy and the Fight for Indigenous Rights on the Columbia River

captureDavid Sohappy, a Wanapum spiritual leader, achieved notoriety in the landmark 1969 federal court decision restoring tribal fishing rights throughout the Pacific Northwest, and a controversial criminal conviction in 1983 for selling salmon in an undercover “sting” operation known as “Salmonscam.” His attorney, Thomas Keefe, will present his extraordinary story fighting the U.S. and Washington state governments over native fishing rights along the Columbia River, leaving an indelible mark on salmon run issues in the Northwest. At the time of his death in 1991, Sohappy had become an internationally recognized symbol in the struggle to protect indigenous rights. See flier here. 


The Evergreen State: Our legacy, our future

em_commissioner-bio-place-holder_0 Join outgoing Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark for a discussion surrounding the challenges facing Washington’s natural landscapes, and the impact of climate change.

Commissioner Goldmark was elected in 2008. A molecular biologist and organic wheat producer, Goldmark has created two new sets of wheat varieties, and published scientific articles in national and international journals.  He is a former member of the WSU Board of Regents. See flier here. 

NOV. 10 Co-Sponsored with Young Americans for Liberty

Talking across the political divide

How can we communicate across the partisan divide in such polarized times? Join a discussion with Robin Koerner, a graduate of Cambridge University, and a contributor to Huffington Post, Ben Swann, Independent Voter Network, and the Daily Paul.

His current work involves training activists and candidates in the art of political persuasion, focusing on bridging partisan divides to win supporters for good causes. He helps activists and candidates understand the dynamics of communication so they can win support for their candidate, cause, or point of view. This event is open to all.


Mary Fairhurst

Conversation with Mary Fairhurst

Mary Fairhurst has been serving as a Justice on the Washington State Supreme Court since 2003. Justice Fairhurst will discuss the interrelationships between the Supreme Court and the other branches of government in Washington State, as well as the work that justices do on the court. See flier here. 


cornell-claytonThe Worst Election Ever? Putting ugly and negative campaigns in context

Cornell Clayton is the Director of the Thomas S. Foley Institute and Thomas S. Foley Distinguished Professor of Government and Public Policy. His work focuses on constitutional law, political discourse, and civility in American politics.


Travis Ridout is Thomas S. Foley Distinguished Professor of Government and Public Policy. He specializes in political communication, media, and political behavior. See flier here. 


capture-1Washington’s 9th District Candidate Debate

Mary Dye was appointed to the state House of Representatives in May 2015. She advocates for rural and agricultural communities, and lives in Garfield County. Jennifer Goulet is the challenger for the seat. She advocates for a stronger K-12 public education system, affordable college and lives in Franklin County. See flier here. 


tesoro-anacortes-1Carbon tax initiative debate

Join Washington state Senator Doug Ericksen, economist Yoram Bauman, and representative of the WA State Labor CouncilJeff Johnson, for a debated about Washington’s carbon tax initiative. View More.

See flier here.


Edward P. Weber is the Ulysses Dubach Professor of Political Science at Oregon State University. He discussed population growth, increasing demand for energy and climate change are creating an unstable trajectory for water consumption. See flier here.


smear-campaign-1Dr. Annemarie Walter is a Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham. She discussed the effects of negative attacks on voter turnout and skepticism and whether Europe is beginning to adopt American styles of negative campaigning. See flier here. 


seal_of_the_united_states_congress-svgWashington State’s 5th Congressional District debate was between Republican incumbent Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Democratic candidate Joe PakootasView more.

See flier here.


refugeesMiro Haček and Simona Kukovič, professors of political science at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia discussed the refugee crisis in Europe.

See flier here.



Lorenzo Boyd, President, Academy of Criminal Justice Science, Phillip Tyler, President, NAACP, Spokane, Captain CP Taylor, Tacoma Police Dept., and Dale Willits, WSU Criminal Justice Faculty, discussed race and policing in America. View more.

See flier here. 


RandyRandy Dorn, Superintendent of Public Instruction, discussed education issues in Washington including school funding, the common core, and charter schools. View more.

See flier here.