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The Foley Institute Olympia Symposium



Governing Washington in Polarized Times


Capitol and divided state FINALFriday, February 19 | 11:45am-1pm | Cherberg ABD Meeting Room, Capitol Campus, Olympia, WA

Like the rest of our country, Olympia has become closely divided and polarized along partisan lines. What effect does this have on the ability to address significant issues and pass meaningful legislation? What is the Washington experience and how does it compare to other states and the federal government?

Liliana Mason, Assistant Professor in the Department of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland.

Rep. Eric PettigrewWashington House of Representatives.

Sen. Ann RiversWashington State Senate.

Boris ShorVisiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Government at Georgetown University.

Austin JenkinsOlympia-based political reporter for the Northwest News Network.

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