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The Foley Institute Spring 2000

Spring 2000

January 18

Randall Irenson, Coordinator of American Friends Service Committee (AFSC),“Agriculture and the Politics of Hunger in North Korea”.

March 10

Karlheinz Reif, Advisor to the Director General for Information and Communications, Visiting Professor of European Studies at the University of Washington, “Challenges and Problems in the European Union”.

March 23

Daniel A. Sumner, Director, Agricultural Issues Center, UC Davis, Frank H Buck, Jr. Professor, Department of Agriculture & Resource Economics, “The WTO and Its Implications for Pacific Northwest Agriculture”.

April 6

Steven C. Hause, Professor, St. Louis Washington University, “Religion and the Rise of Women’s Rights: The Case of Modern France” The V.N. Bhatia Lecture on Excellence in Education Lecture.

April 20

Peter Hobbing, Head, Police and Customs Cooperation Unit, Directorate General on Justice and Home Affairs, European Commission, “The European Union: Latest Developments in Justice Matters”.

April 21

Riley E. Dunlap, WSU Boeing Professor of Environmental Sociology and Gallup Scholar in Environment, “How Americans View the Environment and Environmentalism: Results of Gallup’s National Earth Day 2000 Poll”.

May 19

The Washington State Court of Appeals, Division III. The Court of Appeals held public hearings on campus. It provided an excellent opportunity to see the judicial process in action.